Eclectic Lakehouse

03-18-16_6-07-11 AM03-16-16_4-54-06 PM03-16-16_4-55-19 PM03-18-16_6-05-35 AM.jpg

I’ve always been fond of eclectic interiors. I think it looks great when it comes to storytelling pictures as well, since as more colorful stuff there’s on the background the more interesting a scene will look.
This house was rather random decorating project, but I may end up using it for a story later. It’s been inspired by an old house I decorated about a year ago for Colette & Beau story, which for some reason still stays one of my favorite builds. Probably because I was really enjoying the writing back then. You can find the pictures of the original here, here, here and here.  It surely looks quite different, since I wasn’t trying to recreate it, but I borrowed the layout and general idea.
More pictures under the cut…

03-16-16_4-54-35 PM03-17-16_10-25-51 AM03-17-16_10-26-53 AM03-17-16_10-24-55 AM03-17-16_10-25-14 AM03-18-16_5-48-42 AM


4 thoughts on “Eclectic Lakehouse

    1. Thank you ❤ Decorating in TS2 and TS4 seems very relaxing to me, while in TS3 it was usually rather frustrating with all the bugs and other moments, so it's great to be able to simply decorate a house for no particular reason. xD Though I feel like I may end up using it in the story later on. Once I get to that part of the story, of course.

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