Detective AU: Episode 1; Friend or foe


“Look who’s here!”
“And I’ve got company…”
“Chinese takeout, huh? And what’s the occasion?”
“C’mon, can’t I just drop by to have dinner with my best friend?”
“You sure can, but then we’d be having Italian as usual. You you hate Chinese, but there’s two occasions when you do eat it. One, your girlfriend dumped you, which can’t be the case, because you’ve been single for a month and two, something went down… So… What’s the matter?”
“Look, I shouldn’t be talking to you about it, I mean, you’re not supposed to know yet…”
“But you suck at keeping secrets. C’mon, spill it out.”
“It’s Doyle… don’t start yelling just yet.”
“C’mon, just say it!”
“He thinks it’s getting a bit too personal with Boyd.”
“Oh, yeah, sure, I’m screwing a psycho serial killer.”
“Look, you know I’m always on your side, alright? But Doyle got a point. This sick fuck is insane! He’s stalking you. Those letters, phone calls… Doyle thinks you need a supervision.”
“Oh, so now I need a babysitter!? I can handle myself, so tell Doyle to stick his overprotective ex-boyfriend attitude up his ass. He has no rights to get involved. I’m not some girl next door, I’m a cop!”
“You’re a female cop… who’s hunting down a serial killer, who happened to have a thing for women. C’mon, I know you and Fred have history, but this is not about you and him, this is about you and Boyd. He’s not taking you off the case, he just thinks you need someone to help you out… a partner.”
“I’ve got a partner. You.”
“Not till we close this case…”
“Excuse me? What the…”
“Till the end of this investigation your partner is detective Fontaine.”
“Fontaine? Like ‘the crazy wall street bitch’ Fontaine? You’ve gotta be kidding me…”
“They say she’s really good at this stuff…”
“No shit she is! Cuz she’s a psycho! There’s no way in hell I’m working with that woman! And by the way, she’s a ‘female cop too.”
“Doyle already handled the official matters…”
“Then Doyle can enjoy her company all by himself!”
“Look, Carrie… let’s not turn it into another ‘I hate Doyle’ scene, alright? He’s your boss. As soon as you find Boyd, she leaves.”
“Then what are we waiting for!?”


“Hey, what are these? He contacted you again, didn’t he?”
“He’s trying to tell me something…”
“Carrie! We talked about it. Son of a bitch is a psycho!”
“Exactly. And he’s still out there. He killed six women, one of them is a sixteen years old girl! We can’t just sit and wait till he kills someone else. I know what I’m doing.”
“I don’t think you do. Look at yourself. When was the last time you slept?”
“You really think I care about sleep right now?”
“He’s messing with you. Boyd is dangerous. How the hell are we supposed to find him when you’re hiding the evidence?”
“I’m not hiding anything! I show these letters to Doyle, he takes me off the case, more innocent women die.”
“You’re out of your mind! You do realize he can be after you?”
“I can handle myself.”
“You’re being obsessive.”
“I’m doing my job! C’mon, get the hell out. If I want to hear another lecture, I’ll make sure to call Fred.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
“This is my house.”
“Look, I get it. I’m on your side, but right now I want you to go take a goddamn shower and get some sleep. I’ll take the letters to the lab and see if Spence can find anything. Don’t give Doyle another reason to suspend you.”
“Fine. But I’m not working with that wall street chick, alright?”
“Doyle said…”
“I don’t care what he said. Talk to him.”
“I’ll try…”



“Well, hello there handsome… James Boyd… huh? James… that’s a nice name. C’mon, let’s see what you’ve been up to…”

“Six victims, that’s pretty impressive… Multiple incisions from wrist to elbow made while the victims were still alive and used to insert a rose stem into a radial artery… You’re romantic, Mr. Boyd, aren’t you? Charming women, in their mid thirties… no, you don’t hate them… you’re interested in them, aren’t you?”

“Here we go… sexual assault two hours after their death… So pinning them to the bed and watching them bleed out was a foreplay, huh? You didn’t pick them randomly… no, you were interested them…”

“But what about Abigail? Sixteen, pretty average looking and according to the autopsy report her virginity was intact… She was not your kind, was she? Troubled teenager, runaway, you know better than that, oh yes you do… then why did you kill her? Perhaps she knew too much? But then, you would never display her body so publicly… you wanted her to be found, didn’t you, Boyd? Poor thing was not a victim… she was a message, perhaps a message to someone special? Someone, you’re ready to change your patterns for… your victim is still out there…”


“Oh, c’mon! Seriously, Hannibal? You can’t sit on these! They’re important! C’mon, get your fluffy butt out of here. I’m trying to work!”
“Look, I swear, you pee on the case files, you’re going down for this, I’ll charge you for destroying the evidence!”
“Argh, you’re so annoying. What is it? Is it breakfast time? Holy crap it is. Why didn’t you tell me before? I’m gonna be late!”
“Alright, alright, you tried.”
“Seriously, Hannibal, I don’t have time for that! I’ve gotta meet detective Grant, who probably hates my guts for taking over her case. I’d hate me if I was her… Don’t you dare to give me that look! It’s a uniform, you’re not supposed to wash it every day.”
“I know I wore it a bar yesterday and day before that… You don’t even wear clothes. You’re a cat, what do you know about that?”
[Phone rings]
“Fontaine… Yeah, I’m on my way… Yes, I’ve got a couple of theories… I’m looking forward to it too, sir.”
“See? I’ve gotta go. And don’t you dare to shit on that carpet. I’m serious, I’ll write your ass up for vandalism. I bet prison guards love cats!”


“Listen, I don’t care what you think and what you assume. I’m not working with her!”
“Just calm down, ok? Boyd is a sociopath, a dangerous sociopath, who murdered six women and now he’s sending you notes!”
“So you decided to let another sociopath handle this case!? What a brilliant idea!”
“Carrie, stop it! You’re acting like a child. Boyd is out there, you want more women to die just because of your jealousy issues?”
“Jealousy issues? If you remember, I was the one who dumped you! And this has nothing to do with it!”

“Ahm… I’m sorry, am I interrupting?”
“Yes, you are!”
“My apologies, detective. This is detective Grant. Detective Grant, this is…”
“I know who she is! I think you two have a lot to talk about and I’ve got a serial killer to catch.”
“Let her go. She has all the rights to be pissed off. Ask my boss what kind of attitude I give him for letting other people do my job. Speaking of the job… I’ve got something you may want to hear…”


“How did it go?”
“Don’t even ask. Gosh, why her!? Out of all people, he had to bring in this woman!”
“Maybe she’s not that bad…”
“Are you serious!? I know her kind!”
“Bossy attitude, harsh manners, red hair… yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before too…”
“Don’t you dare! We have nothing in common!”
“Whatever you say…”
“Whose side are you on!?”
“Calm down, alright?”
“I can’t calm down!”
“Maybe this will help… we’ve got another body.”
“You think it’s Boyd?”
“I don’t know. There’s only one way to find out…”
“I’m on it.”
“What about your new partner?”
“She can go to hell!”
“Wait! What am I supposed to tell Doyle? Carrie! Shit…”


“So you think Carrie is the target?”
“I can’t say for sure. All I can say is that Abigail’s body was a message. People like Boyd know exactly what they’re doing, he sees himself as an artist, playing a game. He’s too smart to mess up and kill a bystander for no reason. But that murder was all over the news blogs, so it could be meant for anyone… I need more information on Abigail, everything you can find. I’d like to speak to her parents too.”
“We already questioned them.”
“You, but not me. It’s never the words, it’s the body language… people like me tend to be more perceptive. You know, everything unfamiliar and foreign make you curious.”
“Alright. We’ll get the parents… Just… keep an eye on her.”
“That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?”
“Excuse me?”
“You’ve done your homework, I’ve done mine…”
[Turns around and walks away]
“Dammit! What the hell is wrong with these women!?”


“What the hell are you doing here?”
“Investigating a crime scene that can be related to our case.”
“There’s no ‘our case’, this is my case and you should go back to wherever the hell you came from.”
“We both know this is not going to happen. Let’s don’t make it more complicated than it already is.”
“Cut the crap! I know people like you. You’re a player, you play for your own team. You’re not here for justice, you’re here for the hunt.”
“Is that how you see it?”
“It’s the truth.”
“You know nothing about me.”
“And I prefer to keep it that way. You want to investigate the crime scene, fine, knock yourself out, but leave me alone!”


“Do we have an ID on the victim?”
“Yeah, it was in her bag along with the driver’s license, we’ve got her phone and credit card as well. Evie Martin, eighteen years old…”
“She wasn’t killed here and judging by the blade-work it’s Boyd’s handiwork. So he’s sending us another message, huh?”
“A message?”
“Boyd doesn’t kill out of hate, he’s an artist… or at least he sees himself as one. His first five victim were in their thirties, pretty, successful women, he’s got a pattern or more likely a taste, but then he kills Abigail, troubled teenager who just turned sixteen and now this girl, another poor fucking kid.”
“Show some respect! She was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend. Oh, I forgot, you can’t feel anything, right? Because you are just like them. This is why you’re here, doing this job, you’re playing a game, just like Boyd does.”
“We all play games… me, you, anyone…”
“Oh, please, save that pretty talk for your Wall Street friends! If you have them, of course which I actually doubt.”
“Why are you here?”
“It’s not your fucking business.”
“We should call Kelly. I need all the information on this girl, Boyd’s giving us another clue. Oh and we should probably tell her parents.”
“Trust me, you won’t be the one doing it.”
“As you please, I was just trying to save you some trouble. Care for a coffee?”
“I’ll have my coffee at the station.”
“If you can call that crap coffee.”
“Crappy coffee is better than a crappy company.”


“Crappy company still better than a crappy coffee?”
“You’re lucky I’ve got less than an hour of sleep today, I really need that caffeine.” [turns to the barista] “Double espresso, no sugar, no milk and one caramel latte with low fat milk, stevia and cherry sirup on top for her.”
“And how do you know that?”
“Just a lucky guess.”
“A lucky guess, huh?”


“Got anything on the victim?”
“Not much, she was an A student, worked part time as a waitress, saving money for college, however a week ago she withdrew a large amount of money from her bank account. Pretty much all of it.”
“That’s interesting… why would the goody two-shoes need that much money all out of sudden?”
“Her father John Martin passed away two days before she took the money, I assume she was arranging his funerals, but we’re still checking the details.”
“A troubled teenager and a girl who just lost her father… there must be some kind of connection between the her and Abigail.”
“They didn’t know each other, at least we have no prove that they ever met before.”
“We should look into it more thoroughly.”
“There’s no need…”
“Excuse me?”
“I think I know the connection.”
“He’s recreating Carrie’s life… she was a troublesome teenager, just like the first victim, she lost her father not before her eighteen’s birthday.”
“Just like Evie…”
“He’s after her. Alright, listen everybody, we’ve gotta find him before he finds her. Kelly, go check in with Spencer and see the autopsy results, we need anything that can point to Boyd’s location.”
“Got it, boss.”
“Where’s Carrie?”
“Right here!”
“Remember the devil…”
“What’s going on? I don’t like that look on your face. I know that look.”
“Then you know what I’m about to say.”


“You can’t take me off this case! You can’t! Boyd’s looking for me! This is our chance!”
“Boyd is looking for you because he wants to kill you!”
“That’s great! We can use me as a bait! He wants me to find him, then why don’t we play along? Let’s pretend I’m playing his game. This is our only chance to catch him!”
“No. It’s too dangerous.”
“He’s not going to stop! How many other innocent woman have to die? You said he’s recreating my life, right? Then his next victim will be a rookie.”
“Look, I don’t want anyone to die and that includes you!”
“This blood is on my hands. Two innocent girls died because of me. Just let me handle it!”
“No. This conversation is over. You’re going home and she…” [points at Colette] “… is coming with you. A patrol will be outside your door and outside your house.”
“And what am I supposed to do? Just sit there and wait?”
“That’s exactly what you’ll be doing. And don’t you dare to leave that apartment. You understand me?”
“Yes, sir.”


“Argh! I can’t believe he did this to me! Who the hell does he thinks I am? I’m not some fucking kid who needs to be protected!”
“I know the feeling.”
“Save your sympathy for someone else. It’s more than enough having you in my house.”
“Have we met before?”
“Because according to my experience people don’t express so much emotion towards complete strangers.”
“And I’ve heard you’re really good liar.”
“You’d never ask the question unless you knew for sure…so you know the answer.”
“I was just trying to keep up a conversation.”
“Well, don’t bother, because I’m not falling for your fake friendly attitude.”


“Nice place… rather humble for the best blackjack player of the New York city, but I assume you wouldn’t want anyone to know your little secret.”
“You’re such a show-off. This is your thing, isn’t it? Teasing people with all the information you know, feeling like you are in control.”
“I’m always in control.”
“Then why do you feel the need to prove it so often?”
“Maybe I just enjoy messing with you.”
“Or maybe you’re scared, because there’s things you can’t explain and it makes you feel like your perception is deceiving you.”
“And you call me a show-off, huh?” [chuckles] “Listen, how about we take a break and have some coffee? You’ve got coffee, right?”
“The kitchen is all yours.”
“So that’s your definition of hospitality?”
“I didn’t invite you here, so you want coffee, be my guest. I’m sure you know how to handle a coffeemaker.”


“What are you doing?”
“Looking through messages I got from Boyd earlier… I’m sure there has to be a clue, he wants me to find him, so he had to leave a hint…”
“He’s smart. If there’s a hint in these letters, it will lead you right into a trap he set up for you.”
“But it also will lead me right to him, right? Listen, let me handle this. I know what I’m doing, please. Just help me to get out of the house.”
“That’s not the order I’ve been given.”
“Screw orders! He will kill again and again till he gets what he wants. Me. I’m sure you’ve seen my file, you know I’m good.”
“And I’m not the only one who knows that. Boyd is a sociopath and like all sociopaths he prefers to chose a prey that matches his ambitions.”
“Speaking from your personal experience, huh? This is why you’re doing this job… ”
“And that’s exactly why you’re not going anywhere. I know people like Boyd, I know the way he thinks. He’s been planning this for a very long time, if you agree to play his game, you’re not coming back. I can’t let you do that.”
“You’re such a bitch.”
“Perhaps, but I am a bitch who knows how to do her job.”
“Oh, c’mon! If it was about you, you would do exact same thing.”
“Boyd would never pick me as a victim. I’m an empty vessel, just like him, while he’s looking for someone who’s capable of feeling things deeply, someone caring, compassionate, passionate. That’s his pattern.”
“And what is yours?”
“I don’t have one. I simply follow orders, that’s what I’ve been taught to do.”
“You’re even worse than him, aren’t you?”
“I will pretend it was a compliment.”
“It wasn’t.”
“I’m good at pretending.”


“What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?”
“Going to bed, Sherlock.”
“To my bed? Are you fucking serious?”
“You really think I’m that stupid? There’s a window in this room, it’s only few feet away from a fore escape, a kid can make that jump.”
“So what? You gonna tie me to the bed?”
“I would if I have to. Don’t worry, I’m not playing for the ‘other team’.”
“I know, you prefer innocent young boys, models, strippers, waiters, everyone who’s stupid enough to not realize they’re sleeping with a snake.”
“A snake, huh?”
“Reptiles don’t develop emotions that are not beneficial to them. Suits you well enough.”
“Well then, you better watch your back, I may poison you in your sleep.”
[puts the gun under the pillow] “I always do.”


[phone beeps]
“What the…”
[Unknown number: It ends where it begins.]
“It ends where it begins… c’mon… think… it ends where it begins…”

She didn’t know why she came here, she simply felt like she had to…
Nameless abandoned warehouse in the harbor. They didn’t clean up the floor, his blood soaked through the old wooden boards… her father’s blood… just like that day her biological father died… only this time she wasn’t there, she was drinking the night away with her new friends… he didn’t like them, they got into a fight… she ran off…
Richard was the only one she had in this world… he didn’t gave her up, even though everyone called him crazy for adopting an offspring of a man wanted for countless crimes… he didn’t gave up on her when he found out that she was different… and she never told him how grateful she was, how much she loved him…
That day she decided to follow his footsteps, become a daughter he deserved, a daughter he could be proud of…

“It ends where it begins…Of course…the Harbor…”
[Colette moans in her sleep]
“Shh, it ok… I’m right here… I’m not going anywhere… that’s right… you’re tired, aren’t you…that’s right…”
[Slips out of the bed quietly]
“I always win, remember?”



“Hello, Carrie. I apologize for the humble surroundings, but your friends made preparations incredibly difficult… I know you’d come, I’ve been waiting for you… Oh, you are nothing like them… you are different… you know how hard it is to find a matching opponent?”
“Then why did you tie me up? Afraid that I’m going to blow your brains as soon as my hands are free, huh? You’re damn right! This is exactly what I will do!”
“I always admired your temper, detective, but I’m afraid, you are going to need this to fulfill your promise…” [points at the gun]
“You’re a coward! A goddamn filthy coward!”
“How rude… but I’ll forgive you that attitude for now. Do you know why I picked this place, Carrie? Do you recognize it? Oh yeah, you’ve been here before… the man you called your father died here…“
“If you expect me to be impress, then I have to disappoint you!”
“Oh, I’m just getting started… I love a nice talk, but you seem so eager to get into action, it would be a shame to keep you waiting…” [picks up the blade] “Close your eyes, this is going to hurt a lot…”
[Breathing heavy]
“Mmm… is that fear, I sense? My favorite emotion, the most bright, the most vivid of them all. Especially when it comes from strong women like you. Poor Abigail couldn’t do it. She was pleading for help…”
“You’re a fucking animal!”
“Animals have feelings, Carrie, me… sadly I’m deprived of such ability, that’s why I want yours.”
“You’re not going to get it.”
“Is that so?” [Slides the blade under her skin]
[Clenches her teeth]
“Oh, you’re good… but don’t worry… I love the challenge…” [twists the blade as he pulls it further]
“There we go… it’s going to be a long night… You shouldn’t have come alone…”



She didn’t remember falling asleep. She never slept on the job, yet there she was, lifting her head from the pillow and rubbing her eyes as she tried to recall the events of the last few hours.
They were at Carrie’s appartment. She remembered heading to the bedroom, it was way past midnight, but neither of them thought about sleeping. They just lay in the dark on the opposite sides of the bed, doing their best to ignore each other, avoiding yet another argument…
Colette took a quick glance around the room. It was empty.
No answer. She reached under the pillow, the gun was gone, but the phone was still there, tossed under the blanket ever so carelessly. She picked it up and touched the screen.
“It ends where it begins…”
Unknown number. Colette felt a twisting nauseous pain in her stomach. The nightmare she saw earlier… the warehouse at the Harbor… there was only one person who could send this message. Boyd.
She headed towards the door, but stopped right before opening it. Patrol officer outside will start asking question, he will contact the office and Doyle, he won’t let her go, he’ll tell her to wait for the backup… by the time they will get to the docks her nightmare will become a reality.
“Fuck it.”
Colette turned around and walked back to the bedroom. Climb out of the window, make the jump to the fire escape, drop down… Parking lot was being patrolled as well… Go through the back exit, cross another backyard, run half of the street just in case, catch a cab, pay triple price, speed up through the red lights…
“Doyle? It’s Fontaine. We have an emergency. I think he got her… She climbed out of the window… No, I’m on my way to the Harbor, there’s no time to explain… It doesn’t matter how I know… Get there as soon as you can… I’ll find her… Fuck the orders, I got it!”


She didn’t have the power to fight anymore. She couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, even the tears she was trying to hold back so hard ran out.
He was right there, beside her, watching the blood escape her body through the multiple cuts on her wrists. He enjoyed it. Every minute of it. She could see it in his eyes.

“Why… why me?”
“You know why… you can understand…”
“I don’t.”
“Oh, yes, you do, Carrie. People like us need a little bit of a vacation sometimes, a break from being ourselves, but how can you have a break when you can’t escape from your mind? Being with you makes me feel different… oh, it makes me feel alive, Carrie. I’ve killed before… some of them were good, but no one was as good as you…”
“You’re a monster.”
“So I’ve been told before.”

She was growing weaker by the minute, each word seemed to take an inhuman effort. The pain was overtaking her entire body. Perhaps, she was beginning to become delusional, for she heard something that seemed to hear some kind of sound in the distance…

“Looks like we have a visitor… I bet it’s one of your co-workers… I should go say hello.”
“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it, but here’s a little something to keep you occupied while I’m gone…”

She could feel his fingers on her wrist as he grabbed her hand and pressing it into the bed piercing her palm with a scalpel, pinning it to the surface.

“I’ll be back soon…”

He murmured, delighted by her inhuman scream. He wiped his hands, grabbed the gun and headed for the staircase, leaving her in mercy of agonizing pain.


“I was expecting you…”
“Where is she?”
“Not far… but will you have the time to find her? Of course, you can kill me now and test your luck, but this place can be quite a maze… poor Carrie… she doesn’t have much time.”
“Cut the crap, Boyd. I’m not scared of you.”
“Oh, I know… you and me are alike… you know the rules of the game. As much as I admire your personality and your looks, detective, I’m afraid our feelings for each other aren’t mutual. You are just like me.
“Shut your filthy mouth!”
“Don’t you want to know the taste of her blood? The feeling of a soft skin and tender flesh… so full of life…emotion… pain… You know you want it… deep inside you know that.”
“Go to hell!”
“Oh, I’m already in hell… and so are you, Colette, we’ve been born in hell… cursed, deprived of the ability to feel… feelings… that what makes humans different from monsters… we are the monsters, Colette.”
“Even monsters are capable of choosing their ways.”
“Is that what you tell yourself every night before you to bed? You know how I feel… you feel it too…”
“Where is she!?”
“Oh… the guilt… I would prefer fear, guilt is such simple, plane and egoistic feeling. What was her name? Jane? I’ve read about the two of you… you made a great team… such a shame you couldn’t save her…or perhaps it was a part of the plan? Perhaps deep inside you wanted her to die so you can feel… the pain… the guilt…”
“Where’s Carrie?”
[laughs] “You really think I’m going to tell you?”
“Then you’re going to die!”
“You know I’m not scared of death.”
“Oh, you should be scared.”


“He’s here… he is…”
“It’s alright, he’s not here anymore, he’s dead. It’s going to be just fine.”
“It hurts…”
“I know, sweetie, I know it does… C’mon, keep looking at me.”
“The knife…take it out… it hurts…please…”
“I’m sorry, honey, I can’t… I won’t be able to stop the bleeding if I do… We gotta get you out of here, alright? The backup should be on the way…”
“You… you came alone?”
“I knew where too look, I had no time to explain. C’mon, you gotta get up.”
“I can’t!”
“No, you can. I know you can and you will. Don’t let this son of a bitch win.”
[Tries to sit up, bends over, screams in pain]
“I’m sorry… please… I can’t do it… it hurts…please…”
“Shh…it’s alright… it’s going to be alright…you’re doing great…c’mon…”
“Don’t you fucking dare to die on me! You hear me? Don’t you dare to die like this! Please…”


“They gotta be here… any moment… look we almost made it…”
“It’s so cold here… I’m losing blood, ain’t I?”
“Shh… it will be ok, just keep talking to me…”
“I’m scared…”
“I know you are… I’m scared too… I should’ve known this son of a bitch would… I should’ve known…”
“It’s not your fault…”
“It is. If only I didn’t fall asleep…”
“But you found me… he’d kill me… he wanted to…he…”
“Don’t think about it. He’s dead. He can’t hurt you anymore. He’s gone…”
“I’m sorry… for calling you a bitch…”
“I don’t mind, I sure as hell can be one sometimes…”
“Yeah… sometimes…”
“Are you teasing me?”
“I hate dramatic goodbyes…”
“Don’t say that! You’re not going to die!”
“I don’t feel the pain anymore… it’s bad…”
[sobs] “Damn you to hell! You’ll live, you hear me?”
“I’m sorry… I c…can’t believe… I’m saying…this… but… you…you are a damn good cop…” [slowly closes eyes]
“No, no, no, c’mon… look at me…”
“No, no, no… damn you to hell! Don’t you fucking die on me!!! Carrie!”
[High pitch sound of the ambulance siren in the distance]


“What the hell? You were supposed to look after her! What the hell happened!?”
“I screwed up, alright? We were at her place, I closed my eyes for a few minutes… I fell asleep, when I woke up the window was open… she was gone…”
“Shit… she went to meet him…”
“I went after her as soon as I could, but I was too late…”
“It is not too late! She’s here, she’s alive, it all that matters.”
“Tell that to her.”
[Carrie moans as she tries to open her eyes]
“Right here, sweetie… you are going to be alright… you hear me?”
“You should save your strength, alright? They’re going to drug you up now, it will be over when you wake up.”
“Is that Fred?”
“Yes, it is…”
“Don’t let him see me like this.”
“It’s ok, honey, he’s not looking.”
“Yes, I’m not looking.”
“C’mon now… close your eyes, ok? I’ll hold your hand…”


“Look, I’m sorry… You have all the rights to be mad. It was my job. I messed up.”
“You saved her life… trust me, I know her well enough, if she sets her mind onto something she gets her way.”
“How is she?”
“She lost a lot of blood, but they’re going to perform blood infusion. They found a match.”
“I know.” [Smiles as she stretches her arm]
“You did that?”
“It’s the least I could do. I should’ve been there.”
“I’ve seen your file. You’ve been working solo for years. Why?”
“I have my reasons… let’s say… it’s not the first time I was late.”
“I’m sorry… didn’t mean to bring that up.”
“It’s ok.”
“Hey. She’s going to be alright.”
“Take care of her. She’s an amazing woman. She deserves it.”
“I know…”


“She’s awake.”
“Thanks god!”
“I knew she’d make it.”
“You should go in…”
“I’m the last person she wants to see right now.”
“C’mon! You saved her life!”
“I’ve seen what he did to her… I don’t want to make her feel vulnerable.”
“Don’t be stupid. She needs to see you. You are the only one she can talk about it with.”
“Did she say anything? About Boyd…”
“No, she’s playing it cool as usual. She’s one hell of a fighter.”
“Yeah… she is…”
“C’mon, go see her. We’ll be right here.”



“How are you feeling?”
“Like I’ve been almost murdered by a crazy serial killer…”
“You’ll be fine. The doctor said you should be out of here in a week.”
“A whole week? That sucks. I hate needles. First you get stubbed by a crazy guy who tries to kill you, then a bunch of other crazy guys do the same thing to save your life.”
“Huh, tell me about that.”
“What happened to your arm?”
“Got in the middle of a cross-fire…”
“A cross-fire? At the hospital? Really?”
“You’ve lost a lot of blood… and apparently we happen to share the same blood type.”
“You didn’t have to…”
“Don’t mention it, it’s on the house. I felt like I owned you a bit of an apology for all the attitude.”
“Thank you. I’m sorry for calling you a show off. He would’ve finish me off if it wasn’t for you.”
“Nah, you were doing pretty well. I just helped you out.”
“Oh yeah, I was doing wonderful, especially with the crying for help part. Gosh, I’m sorry you got to see me like this.”
“Don’t let it get under your skin. It’s what they want… to live on forever in your memories. He’s dead… and you may consider following those doctor’s orders if you want to be out in time.”
“In time for…”
“Opening of the Black Lion is this Friday…”
“You do realize that’s an underground casino?”
“Your name’s on the list. Or should I say your nickname?”
“And you know that because…”
“I have my sources.”
“Oh so it is a wall-street girl thing, huh?”
“You know, I take it back. You are a poser!”
“Look who’s talking…I’ll see you around…”
“Show off!”
“I’ve heard that!”


“You are leaving?”
“My job is done, you can handle the formalities without me.”
“It’s not about the case, is it?”
“I walked that road before and I’m not walking it again. I’m done here.”
“You two are more alike than you think.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s not up to me to tell you… but both of you are different.”
“Different is a polite way of saying sick and emotionally damaged.”
“You know it’s not what I was trying to say.”
“I know. And that’s exactly why I’m not going to stay.”
“You can help her!”
“It’s not my responsibility. I’m sorry.”
“I’ve seen you there, when we found you… don’t pretend like you don’t care.”
“I’m good at pretending. I’ve gotta go. Look after her.”


7 thoughts on “Detective AU: Episode 1; Friend or foe

  1. Yep, this is definitely the best way to read stories compared to small chunks in tumblr XD Don’t get me wrong, I love Tumblr but I get easily distracted a lot of times. I really love the dialogues you write, you have your characters personality down to a T. And this is only episode 1, means there are more cases where Letty and Carrie worked together? I’m already looking forward for it!

    1. I agree, it looks very put together here, though I would never have the patience to write the whole thing all alone first, which is why I love posting them by pieces.

      And yes! This is just the beginning :3 At first I was thinking it would be a one time thing, but I really love the characters and I have tons of ideas for it so there’s definetly much more to come!

  2. Thought I commented. Goodness, guess I just thought I did. I like reading it this way so much better then in chunks over a tumblr. You did a wonderful job on this story. I like the relationship between Letty and Carrie as well as with the other characters. I look forward to further adventures of Letty and Carrie.

    1. Thank you! I surely enjoy seeing it put together, but my luck with feedback on WP is rather poor, so I still prefer them at Tumblr.
      I surely enjoy writing this story though, it feels great to finally get rid of all the romance parts of the story and focuse on characters. I’m in the process of working on chapter 2 right now. Somewhat half-way there :3

      1. Sometimes it takes time for people to find you on wordpress. I am sure you will get some feedback soon enough. I look forward to the next part.

  3. So. First, please don’t mind my weird way of short words, unnecessary and even not a criticism at all commenting. haha

    Let’s continue from my last comment on this story. I told you, Carrie! See what you get yourself into now you stubborn little.. *ahem*

    *shrieks in pain* Just by looking at it hurts so much. How the hell did you manage to do that.. her hand is pinned by that.. silver thing. *shudders* o_o ah! A scalpel. *goes back to shudder*

    Uh! Uh! Beat his ass into a bloody pulp, Letty-kun! Rip him to shreds! If he died, bring him back to life so that you can kill him again!

    Seriously. Can you not? xD I still can see that scalpel stuck in her hand! O_O haha sorry2. It was damn good, though. I’m just scared whenever I see something like that. BUT! it’s a good thing this is just sims pictures! I always squint my eyes shut whenever I see the real one. hihihihih. OMG. I just noticed how you made her arms look like it been.. you know.. how should I describe it? The skin is cut open. *points* O_O so good.

    Carrie! Don’t you die. If you die, I’m going to drag you out of your grave until you wake up. but she’s a strong one. Damn, all of those tortures and pains. 😥

    Letty is working solo because she feels guilty her partner died? And she thought it was her fault? Boyd said that before they fight. Right? She probably doesn’t want that to happen for the 2nd time.

    Wait. What. Is Letty leaving? That’s all? Won’t they work together anymore?


    You said you lack feedback in here. Sorry I haven’t caught up on the tumblr version. 😥 I definitely prefer reading through wp. Because I can just sit down and read everything! \0/

    1. I surely do love to go all the way with creepy graphic images. I always say tha sims are way too innocent game for my crazy imagination, so I take my sweet time messing things up in Photoshop. I just cut out things from the real pictures and cause some mayhem.
      Letty surely feels guilty for the death of her ex-partner. That is always a thing with my characters, even though they’re bad guys and luck moral compass of any sorts all together they care for people who are close to them deeply. So death of her friend surely doesn’t sits well in Letty’s mind. She may not value her own life all too much, but she values the lives of people close to her deeply. And since the situation with Carrie was very similar to the one in the past she decided to walk away. Though she’s back in the next chapter.

      I surely should get more consistent with my WP and sort it all out. It’s easier for me on Tumblr since I can just throw bits and pieces there, but I suck at putting things together and sorting them into something proper.
      I do want to experiment with WP more in the future though, since I’ve been having a crazy idea to learn web theme coding for awhile now.

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