Scarlett & Joker: “Welcome to our house..”


“You live here?”
“Yeah. Isn’t it cool?”
Mikaela glanced around with suspicion. When she agreed to drop by and see Scarlett’s ‘family lair’ she expected many things from an old house in the woods to over the top luxurious mansion, but surely not a mix of warehouse, circus and post-apocalyptic bunker stuffed with all kinds of odds and ends. She frowned as her gaze fell upon a dark furry item on the floor by the bar.
“Is that…a rat?
“Oh, it’s Charlie, don’t mind him. He’s a hunting trophy. I found him at the kitchen this morning and we played a little game. I won!” – Scarlett stated with victorious smile shoving Charlie’s corpse under the bar with her bare foot.

Scarlett was the most easy-going person Mikaela had ever met. She could wear a nightgown to a party and sleep in a runway dress, rinsed her teeth with whiskey, took naps on table tops, considered bruises to be love-marks and lived in a world colored in black and white… or more likely blue and glittery pink.
In fact, there was only one thing Scarlett cared about, a man who gave her life. Walter Payne, more commonly known as the Joker, once upon a time a wealthy businessman, who lost his sanity in attempt to outplay time and physics of the universe itself and became one of the most infamous mafia bosses of the present day. According to the rumors Mr. Payne exposed his body to various chemicals and radiation participating in some crazy genetic experiment, which was partially successful. Mr. Payne was older than Mikaela’s grandmother, however his madness mutated along with his body ruining whatever sanity he had left. Walter didn’t survive the experiment, however his murderous alter-ego did. And there she was, standing in the middle of his house…

“Are you alright?” – Scarlett’s voice brought Mikaela back to reality.
“Yeah… Sorry, I had a rough night.”
“Awww…” – Carly swooned in her usual over-emotional manner, leaning over the bar.
Surprisingly enough daughter of world’s most cold-blooded psychopath was pretty compassionate and attentive, almost too attentive at times. She would bombard your house with gifts and leave a million text messages, call you hundred times and show up an hour early when you decide to go hang out together. Once upon a time she almost burned down Mikaela’s house, trying to make her a chicken soup when she caught a cold. The next morning someone anonymously payed for the damage. Just like that time when Carly crashed Mikaela’s car when they were driving home from a bar…


“Carls, are you talking to yourself again? Do daddy a favor, shut the fuck up. I’m trying to work.”
Some gut feeling was telling Mikaela that the voice belong to the mysterious ‘anonymous’ who covered the damage also known as the clown-prince himself and the owner of this humble establishment.
“Don’t be rude, Puddin! We have guests!” – Scarlett yelled back and turned to her friend – “Don’t mind him, he’s such a grump sometimes, but I love him anyway!”

That Mikaela didn’t doubt. Ever since they met ‘Puddin’ was the top subject of every second conversation. “What if Puddin doesn’t like this dress? What if Puddin thinks I’m too fat? Puddin got a new gun. Puddin has pretty ass.” She probably knew more than she ever wanted to know about the man, yet never had a chance to meet him face to face. Scarlett crashed at her place when he kicked her out or messed her up beyond any regonition, bragged about his gifts and text messages, but it was the first time Mikaela got invited to a ‘family party.’

“I told you to stop being so goddamn loud!” – Joker groaned coming down the stairs, his look stopped at Mikaela – “Miss Raita. What a pleasant surprise!”
It was hard to tell if he was being sincere or sarcastic, but there was no doubt he knew who she was. In fact, he probably knew more than Mikaela herself, but she wasn’t easy to intimidate.
“My pleasure, sir. I’ve heard a lot about you.”
She was composed, polite and proper. She had enough experience with unstable people in the early years of her career to know how to stay in line.
“So did I…”

He licked his lips, studying every inch of her body, which sent a chill down her spine. Everything about the man screamed power. Power that knew no control. Mikaela could feel uncomfortable tension in the air growing, then Scarlett’s chirpy voice came to the rescue.
“You two know each other? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“No.” – He cut her off sharply – “And it’s impossible to tell you anything anyway because you never shut up!”
For a moment it seemed like he was about to hit her, but Scarlett didn’t seem to care. There was no fear or tension in her eyes, she simply adored him and ignored his rather frightening attitude all together.
“Sorry ’bout it, boss! Can’t help it!” – She giggled, swirling around him. – “Shouldn’t have dropped me so often when I was a baby! Jokes on you, Mr. Joker!”

He grumbled, clearly loosing his patience, but turned his attention back to Mikaela.
“Would you like to join us for dinner, miss Raita?”
That came as a surprise. What was his agenda? A man like him would never offer a thing without a proper reason. And she could tell for certain those intentions had nothing to do with intimacy, men like him showed their sympathy in a completely different way.
“It would be my pleasure Mr. Joker.”
“Wonderful!” – He clapped his hands – “Manners. Such a rare gift in these pitiful times. I tried my best to put all the right ideas into her head.” – He pointed at Scarlett – “But I’m afraid my efforts were only partially successful.”
“You’re being too hard on yourself.”
He liked her answer, she could tell it by the way he laughed, though the sound of that laughter would probably tie any sane person’s stomach into knots.
“I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful dinner…”


8 thoughts on “Scarlett & Joker: “Welcome to our house..”

  1. This is wonderful. I like the relationship you are showing between Mikaela and Scarlett. Also how you never lose consistency between Joker and Scarlett. Sometimes it becomes easy to just do the “fun stuff” and you lose track of the other, but you are keeping them tied together very nicely. The dinner should be interesting if you show it. I look forward to the next part.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it ^___^ We will surely see more of Mikaela soon. I have quite a few ideas for her!
      And yes, their relationship is the main focus of the story, so we see it through all the things and different POV’s of different characters. It works really good this way, since her POV is always fluffy and madly in love, but we get to see how others see it as well.
      I’m not sure if I will do the dinner scene itself, but I have a piece for the scene after that with him and Mikaela, so I will surely finish that one.
      It’s really freeing to write them as drabbles instead of big story, since I just have bits of it in Evernote notepad and I write them when I feel like it. So when I want to write fluff I go ahead and write it, then I go back to more serious things and such. Should’ve done this ages ago!

      1. If you decide to do the dinner, Fya made some dinner poses in her last go round of released ones that might be useful.

        It is really great you are doing well on it, and I look forward to what you do next.

  2. Scarlett and Mikaela seem to have a nice friendship, but I am already feeling a little bit of pity for Mikaela meeting the Joker HAHA. Whatever he wants from her, that is not going to end well, I already have that feeling. Still, I like seeing the banter between Scarlett and Joker, and Joker never losing his character as he goes from the banter to talking to Mikaela. Very nicely woven together!

    1. Haha, yeah Mikaela is surely getting herself into quite a bit of trouble there. While Scarlett’s completely sincere with her intentions, she sees it all from her own POV.
      Scarlett and Joker are surely like an old married couple sometimes. They get pretty annoyed with one another for various reasons.
      And I agree. It is not going to end well at all. We will get to see it very soon! ^____^

      1. Yes, that was something I was thinking about, how Scarlett is sincere with her intentions, but Joker has his own intentions and those are probably not so nice. 😉

  3. Ohhhoo. It’s Mikaela! \0/ So I bet Mikaela is the only friend that never pissed her off? We all know her other friends are all dead. haha

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I would pick something with mix of a warehouse, circus and all that. hihiihi. Great, she even named a rat and he’s dead. In the first line before I reach the word corpse, I seriously thought that the rat was still alive.

    Mikaela was like, what am I doing here? lol Scarlett is the best friend you can get as long as you don’t get on her bad side. Just look at that! Best term of the day, “clown-prince”. I like it *_*

    I wonder what is his intention. OHH! Maybe in the next chapter or eventually \0/ Patience, Joker-sama. Patience. I love that we can see what Mikaela is thinking this time!

    1. Yep. Mikaela is a lone survival there. She’s loyal and honest and Scarlett surely appreciates that kind of quality in people.
      Haha, yep, she totally named a dead rat. Well, she named him while he was still alive, but he didn’t survive her games though.
      Mikaela managed to get a very good impression on him so far. He’s hard to impress in general, so we will see how that goes. I have all the chapters up till the closure posted so you will find out how it went down 😉

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