Scarlett & Joker: “Love Games”


Scarlett hated to be bored. It was daunting and almost heartbreaking. She, the queen of all things taken and beloved treasure of the king of crime, swinging on the hoop with her head upside down (Scarlett was hoping that doing that will magically shift ideas into her head) all alone with nothing to do and no one to entertain her. She didn’t hear from Mikaela for days ever since the dinner with the Joker and the Joker himself was busy with some evil-genius plan that took most of his time.

Though this morning he at least stayed at the main room, his papers scattered all over the floor while he was sipping on his whiskey and marking something with a pencil. He looked so smart and handsome doing that, his green hair sleeked back carelessly after the morning shower, that focused look in his eyes… Ah how much she wished it would be focused on her instead.

She tried all of her best tricks and moves to draw his attention, but it didn’t work. Finally she swung the hoop harder, just enough to hit her head into the nearby pillar. He groaned with annoyance and looked up. Bingo. Though the head hurt pretty bad.
“Scarlett-starlet, nightmare of daddy’s wretched mind… get down. Now.”
She giggled, shaking her head. She will probably end up with a huge bruise across her face later, but for the sake of his attention she could deal with much worse.
“Get. Down.” – He repeated, his impatience growing.
She loved pissing him off. There was something special about it. Perhaps it made her feel like she was in control, or perhaps she simply found him hot when he was angry. She never dwelt too much on her reasons.
“Listen, doll. You get down or I’m gonna shoot you down.”
“You’ll miss!”

She teased. It was a pretty dangerous game. It’s not like he never shot her before, but it took the right mood and setting, he didn’t seem that angry so she decided to test her luck and kept on swinging as he picked up his gun and fired a shot. The bullet hitting one of the old decorations behind her.
“See! You missed.”
“It was a warning shot.” – He grated his teeth, setting the papers aside – “I’m gonna hurt you really bad if you won’t listen.”
“Mmm… go ahead.”


If looks could kill, there would be a gaping hole between her eyes. Joker sighed, setting the papers aside once again and reaching for a razor blade. It was one of his favorites, it’s handle encrusted with his initials spelled in sparkling diamonds. He looked at it as if trying to contemplate the meaning of  his life for a moment and threw it in Scarlett’s direction like a boomerang, sharp blade cutting the rope that attached hoop to a metal pipe under the ceiling. Carly let out a loud scream, landing on the floor with a loud tumble. He grinned, pleased with himself and reached for a bottle of whiskey.
“My leg hurts.” – Scarlet pouted, giving him puppy-eyed look.
“I gave you a warning, didn’t I?”
“But I can’t get up…”
Joker groaned, shoving the papers on the floor. His eyes boiling with rage as he got up, kicking a chair out of his way.
‘Devil, give me patience’
His favorite creation was also his biggest punishment. Sometimes he wondered if he played a very cruel joke on himself by making her. If it was any other woman he’d just silence her with a gun, but that wasn’t any woman, that was Scarlett with her stupid love-sick eyes, sitting there on the floor, smudging mascara all over her little face, looking at him with her endless loyalty as if he wasn’t the one who messed her up at the first place. It was like hitting a puppy that shitted on your couch out of excitement. Stupid goddamn creature.
He cursed internally, walking towards her and picking her up. She swooned as he sat her down on the couch and cuddled into him.
“Better now?”
“Much better, Puddin! Can I stay?” – She batted her long dolly eyelashes – “Ple-e-e-e-e-ease!?”
“Fine. Just stay quiet.” – He gave up, which caused yet another loud swoon.
“Aww! I love you so much!”
“I know you do.”
There it was. The joyful moment of silence. Joker sighed in relief, going back to what he was doing, while she curled up on his lap and began to scroll through her phone. Sometimes it felt like the damn thing was a part of her body, though he didn’t complain, since all her phones had tracking devices that helped him keeping an eye on her without giving her too much satisfaction.
“Puddin…” – Scarlett mused, chewing on strand of her hair. – “There was a shooting near the research center… that big ugly one we were going to raid last month…”
She bit her thumb, scrolling through the pictures once again. It didn’t seem right. There were bodies of the few attackers among the civilians and they didn’t look like their people at all.
He snatched the phone out of her hand. Judging by his displeased frown he was just as surprised as she was.
“Puddin… is everything alright?”
“Get your jacket, we’re going for a ride.”
“But my leg…”
He growled, calling for one of the henchmen.
“Tony! Get her in the damn car!”
“Problems boss?” – Tony’s bald head shows up in the doorway.
If you ever wondered how a muscle truck would look in a suit, Tony was your guy to solve that mystery. He was one of Joker’s most long living henchmen. Scarlett always liked the guy, he was almost like a giant teddy-bear who could punch the life out of someone with one single hit.
“C’mon, Mrs. J, let me help you.” – Despite the tension of a moment Carly still melted inside. She loved when they called her Mrs. J. She felt so important and proud right away!
Though the happiness of the moment was tainted by an uneasy feeling. What set him off? What was so special about that stupid facility? She wanted to ask, but she knew that would only add up to his frustration. Whatever it was, it was business and she knew how to stay out of the way when things got serious.

6 thoughts on “Scarlett & Joker: “Love Games”

  1. Oh my goodness, these two… I like how Scarlett calls him Puddin’, but at the same time, they way I hear her saying that pet name is a bit creepy HAHA. That is a good thing, though, considering how obsessed she is with him. Now I wonder if this shooting has anything to do with what the Joker wanted Mikaela to do. Did she do it? Or is she one of the victims lying dead on the ground? :/

    1. Haha, it surely adds to the creepiness, since she’s giving all these cute pet names to a cold-blooded psychopath. Though she herself doesn’t see him as creepy at all, since she’s no better.
      And it may have to do with Mikaela indeed! We will find out what went down there in the next part ^_____^

  2. hahaha Oh, Scarlett. She even willing to bump her head on that pillar just to get a moment of his attention. Then again, this is Scarlett we’re talking about. it’s not surprising if we look back on how she was willing to cut herself to share the same pain as him. Bumping her head is probably nothing compare to anything that is more painful. And the most important thing is, it works!

    Seriously, Scarlett, you love making daddy’s mad, do you? This game is too dangerous. The more danger it poses, the more fun we get. Poke him some more! YES. Hot when angry. *nods* cannot argue with that. An angry psychopath? Totally sexy. hahha. omg, what is happening to me. *_*

    hahaha. See? She just needs a few words from you and a tiny permission to stay close, and she will zip her lips in no time. Aww. Mrs.J. Now that’s cute.

    OH no. Don’t tell me Mikaela works in that facility?

    1. Yeah, she totally can do all kinds of crazy just to keep him pleased! Hurt herself, hit her head, get shot – you name it. Daddy’s attention comes at a high price!
      Making him mad is the most fun part of the game. She likes to see that she has power over him and that deep inside he feels something for her and it makes him even crazier than he already is. She’s one hell of a player :3

      She got her way at the end, didn’t she? ^___^
      She surely would love to become a Mrs. J properly. Maybe she will some day, who knows?
      And yes, that facility thing has to do with Mikaela indeed.

  3. Awe poor Scarlett…well he did warn her. I love the dynamic between them. It is cute and fun on her side, and serious and dangerous on his. Bet they both can flip the switch pretty quickly though.

    1. They surely can. He loves to play games as well. Scarlett often crosses tge line with him, though at the same time it’s hard to say if there’s a solid line. I won’t say he enjoys hurting her out of anger, but there’s lessons to be learned. She doesn’t mind all that much though.

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