Joker and Scarlett one-shots. #1

screenshot-62 screenshot-63 screenshot-64 screenshot-65

“Puddin? Are you watching the news again? You know I hate news! All they do is praise that stupid Bat!”
“That’s what slaves do, Carls, praise their idols.”
“But I want them to praise us! We deserve it more! You deserve it.”
“Now, your endless adoration is pathetically adorable, but they do not praise those who have power, for power becomes fear… however fear becomes obsession.”
“I don’t get it…”
“Of course you don’t, that pretty head of yours is not meant for thinking.”
“But Puddin…”
“Idols fade and fail, Carls, admiration turns into hate, fear on the other hand… fear is eternal.”
“But most of them believe you are the devil.”
“Every fool needs something to believe in.”
“C’mon, cheer up, princess. Daddy doesn’t like to see you sad.”
“I want them dead! Those fools from the news.”
“Now that’s a whole another question… Bullets or fireworks?”
“That’s my bloodthirsty girl! C’mon then, let’s go make our own show.”


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