Detective AU: Episode 1; Friend or foe


“Look who’s here!”
“And I’ve got company…”
“Chinese takeout, huh? And what’s the occasion?”
“C’mon, can’t I just drop by to have dinner with my best friend?”
“You sure can, but then we’d be having Italian as usual. You you hate Chinese, but there’s two occasions when you do eat it. One, your girlfriend dumped you, which can’t be the case, because you’ve been single for a month and two, something went down… So… What’s the matter?”
“Look, I shouldn’t be talking to you about it, I mean, you’re not supposed to know yet…”
“But you suck at keeping secrets. C’mon, spill it out.”
“It’s Doyle… don’t start yelling just yet.”
“C’mon, just say it!”
“He thinks it’s getting a bit too personal with Boyd.”
“Oh, yeah, sure, I’m screwing a psycho serial killer.”
“Look, you know I’m always on your side, alright? But Doyle got a point. This sick fuck is insane! He’s stalking you. Those letters, phone calls… Doyle thinks you need a supervision.”
“Oh, so now I need a babysitter!? I can handle myself, so tell Doyle to stick his overprotective ex-boyfriend attitude up his ass. He has no rights to get involved. I’m not some girl next door, I’m a cop!”
“You’re a female cop… who’s hunting down a serial killer, who happened to have a thing for women. C’mon, I know you and Fred have history, but this is not about you and him, this is about you and Boyd. He’s not taking you off the case, he just thinks you need someone to help you out… a partner.”
“I’ve got a partner. You.”
“Not till we close this case…”
“Excuse me? What the…”
“Till the end of this investigation your partner is detective Fontaine.”
“Fontaine? Like ‘the crazy wall street bitch’ Fontaine? You’ve gotta be kidding me…”
“They say she’s really good at this stuff…”
“No shit she is! Cuz she’s a psycho! There’s no way in hell I’m working with that woman! And by the way, she’s a ‘female cop too.”
“Doyle already handled the official matters…”
“Then Doyle can enjoy her company all by himself!”
“Look, Carrie… let’s not turn it into another ‘I hate Doyle’ scene, alright? He’s your boss. As soon as you find Boyd, she leaves.”
“Then what are we waiting for!?”


Modern & Tradition House


This interior came together very unexpectedly. I was trying to blend aesthetics of two different characters, adding various personal details and playing around with the colors. I used plenty of Asian items due to origins of one of the characters and tried to fit it in contemporary settings.


Eclectic Lakehouse

03-18-16_6-07-11 AM03-16-16_4-54-06 PM03-16-16_4-55-19 PM03-18-16_6-05-35 AM.jpg

I’ve always been fond of eclectic interiors. I think it looks great when it comes to storytelling pictures as well, since as more colorful stuff there’s on the background the more interesting a scene will look.
This house was rather random decorating project, but I may end up using it for a story later. It’s been inspired by an old house I decorated about a year ago for Colette & Beau story, which for some reason still stays one of my favorite builds. Probably because I was really enjoying the writing back then. You can find the pictures of the original here, here, here and here.  It surely looks quite different, since I wasn’t trying to recreate it, but I borrowed the layout and general idea.
More pictures under the cut…